Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flat Out Amazing!!!

Morning Bloggers! This next little gem was too good not to share!! I was doing my daily grocery shopping trip(because for some reason I cannot meal plan, :( I try and try but it just doesn't workout) and stumbled upon these flatbread/wraps. They are called Flat Out Flatbread wraps and they are AMAZING(get the Light Original flavor!)!! Look at this nutritional profile-its enough to make me squeal w/ delight!

Made with 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat
90 Calories
6 net carbs
0g sugar
9g Fiber, 36% of your daily value
The Best Life Diet Approved
Whole Grain approved, 8g or more per serving

They had me at 90 calories and 9(!) grams of fiber!! Sold! So I bought some, brought them home and they are as delish as they are healthy!!! Kevin loves them too! I made us little wraps w/ hummus, chicken and some veggies and they were sooo yummy. Now I'm just nervous about my grocery store continuing to carry them (so in true product junkie form I buy a ridiculous amount of them to stock up)! Enjoy!!

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